Monday, September 5, 2011

A Little Less of All That Jazz

Well, it looks like one of the coolest and cherished jazz clubs is now closed: Charlie O's in Valley Glenn. How sad. This great venue was host to some of the top jazz musicians, with a roster of performers ranging from Freddie Hubbard to Arturo Sandoval to Jack Sheldon to Bill Henderson to so many others, all giants of the genre. The reason given for the closure is the current state of the economy and, sadly, that is eminently understandable, but no less saddening for all of us who love this cool, dynamic, eclectic, relevant art form that is jazz. Obviously, the music will play on in many other venues (some even still in the San Fernando Valley) and I encourage my fellow cool-cats to check out as many performances as possible: L.A. Jazz Scene is a monthly newspaper available at many stores and clubs; is a great guide to jazz events throughout the Southland; and, in a shameless effort to promote a very cool [client] jazz band, do check out

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